Serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.
I'm Nicole Hampton and my Mom is Cindy and she taught me everything.
I had chores since I can remember and as a kid it was never fun, heck some times it still isn't, but I certainly appreciate what she taught me then now.
I remember having a dresser top full of little things I loved like my Mickey Mouse clock, a Van Gogh Starry Night canister to stow little things, glass figurines and many more. I sort of love surrounding myself with things that make me happy and my room was my sanctuary, but someone had to clean it.
I would spend time cleaning every nook and cranny of that dresser, the things it stowed and the rest of the room. By the time I was finished everything had a sparkle, smelled fresh and wonderful and was free of the weekly dust mites; I can breathe again!
I'm really no different today. I clean my place about once a week, giving that same amount of TLC as I did that dresser as a child. I love to make things pretty in a sense, there's truly some great satisfaction in seeing and smelling a clean home.
I look forward to meeting you, your home and family and giving you that clean feeling of Mom's Home.
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